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Speaker and wiring are more important than most people think when it comes to producing top notch sound. Venues vary from concert halls to football stadiums with a wide range of acoustics. Suntrack has the speakers and necessary processing equipment to match the sound to the environment, whatever it is. Our sound technicians have trained ears to help you tweak your sound and get it just right. Although we certainly appreciate feedback, we do our best to prevent it during your show.

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Suntrack has the lighting experience it takes to get the job done right. Our equipment is rugged and dependable and our staff are experts at setting everything up in the most effective way to ensure that your event will get the attention it deserves. Whatever effect you’re looking for, just break it down for us and we’ll find a way to accomplish it.

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Whether your company is putting on a presentation, or you want to see the band on the big screen, Suntrack is proud to be able to deliver the goods. We have everything from projection screens to desktop monitors and many options in between. We will make sure your video can be seen by its intended audience regardless of the location or situation. We are prepared with a backup plan if there are any wiring or power issues and take pride in knowing we can come up with a solution for nearly any occasion.

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